LifeWay's History

On a Sunday afternoon in September 1978 several families and representatives from the Christian Evangelizing Fellowship (CEF) met at the Catholic Church Hall in Monroe. They decided to begin home Bible studies, which were held on Tuesday evenings throughout that Fall. Area churches advertised the studies, and interested people gradually began attending.

A CEF meeting at Mason Church of Christ on February 4, 1979, challenged the Bible study group to step out on faith and start a church. On March 25 area churches participated in a canvas of the city. It was a huge success. Workers received food and babysitting at the Catholic Church Hall. (Some people from the Catholic church became very impressed with the new church project and the Christian Church ideals. Later some even helped in the first building project.)

First Service was held on April 1, 1979. On April 8, the congregation officially confirmed their first preacher. Wednesday night Bible studies began April 16. Nearly one year later, on January 26, 1980, the fledgling church purchased 5.1 acres on Lebanon Street. A large rented tent housed the first services on the property on September 14, 1980. Area men put on a program of the early Restoration Movement fathers. By the end of 1982 the church nearly paid off the land and began investigating building designs.

After much research and construction planning, a Groundbreaking Service was held on August 21, 1983. The foundations were prepared. Then a group of volunteer laborers, dubbed "The Ohio 50," began construction on October 3. The basic building took only one week. On October 9 an appreciation dinner in the new building hosted over 100 people. Final construction allowed the first services to be held in the new building on December 4, 1983.

On August 4, 2002, the Church name was changed. Keying on John 14:6, the congregation adopted "LifeWay Christian Church." The Church's purpose of being a Bible-believing church, restoring New Testament Christianity, has never changed or wavered. From the start the Church has maintained a faithful witness for Christ in the Monroe community.

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